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Ladies and gentlemen dance if you dare to this indietronic adventure! Heavy beats and epic synths carry Lizzy’s sweet songwriting deep into the night! 

In support of her latest release “Darling Starling” Lizzy Pitch has taken the entire US by storm through live performances and personal appearances leaving a wake of enthusiastic mania.  This new full length album is filled with radio seducing soundscapes that traverse the landscape of human emotion.  From love-struck to playful, struggle to hope, Lizzy’s high energy symphonic-rock leaves you gasping for more.

In 2007 Lizzy’s debut album ‘Drawing Triangles’ won Ithaca, NY’s Jimmy Award for best female vocal performance and also received an honorable mention as best solo album of the year. Lizzy’s critically acclaimed second album ‘Lunatic Fringe’ features more studio production, Lizzy’s first recordings on the piano and guest musicians from all over the US.  Opening for the Boston Pops introduced Lizzy to the enchanting world of professional music at the age of twelve. She went on to study jazz and classical composition at Providence College in Rhode Island before heading to Ithaca, New York where she evolved into a full-time artist.  In May of 2008 Lizzy hit the road permanently and continues to tour constantly throughout the entire US with an insatiable love for all music. To book Lizzy at your venue or event just send us an e-mail!

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